Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's never too late for pumpkins and candy!

 So, in a frantic attempt to update the blog I left out Halloween.  Who does that?  This past year the boys were dressed up as their favorite superhero, Spiderman of course. Due to Caroline's intense love for Beyonce's music, I wanted to dress her up in the "single ladies" costume from Beyonce's video.  Unfortunately, it was pretty cold this past Halloween, so there was a last minute costume change to a monkey.  It was Kate's first Halloween and she wore an adorable Mud Pie outfit and slept through most of the festivities!

 Carving Pumpkins...some were fond of the activity, others not so much.

Our first attempt to produce something a little more difficult than the average jack o' lantern.

Jack and Thomas

Kate and Jack

Best friends!

The whole gang...just eight for now!

Grandpa and Caroline

Nana and Caroline

Trunk Or Treat

Love this one of Jack...

Every one's favorite superhero x2!

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