Friday, April 27, 2012

Dress like a Lady

During this fourth pregnancy I have resorted to wearing comfy clothes probably a little too often and my hair and make up routine have reached an all time low. Ponytails and concealer, that's about it. I feel pretty good if I shower by noon, and I feel pretty darn proud of myself if I slap on a little bit of mascara once a week. Corey is so lucky! So today, I woke up feeling like I had a little more pep in my step and I actually showered early, put on a maxi dress, dabbed a bit of make up on, and threw on some Stella & Dot jewels! When I came downstairs...the boys looked at me with pure astonishment. Jack even said, "Mom, are you getting married today? I said, "no, why do you ask?" He said, "well you are wearing a dress, you never wear dresses." I smiled and laughed and kissed him on the forehead. Even my three-year-old has noticed how my appearance has suffered lately. OUCH.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Life is busy and wonderful this Spring!
The Boddicker kids are making great strides!
Thomas is doing great with his new glasses!
Jack has mastered the fine art of Ziploc painting!
Thomas tried on his "fancy" dress shoes for Aunt Steph's wedding! He loved them!
I walk out of the room for 10 seconds and Caroline has managed to rip out half of the baby wipes! Excellent!
Surprise, we can't take a normal family picture on Easter! This was the best we could do...
Thomas was more than a little disheveled after Mass.
Caroline loved Easter...mainly because she was fed candy all day!
Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter...Some children were more willing to participate than others!
Even Caroline was not on her best behavior!
Family Picture with Grandpa...thanks Jack for joining us!