Friday, April 27, 2012

Dress like a Lady

During this fourth pregnancy I have resorted to wearing comfy clothes probably a little too often and my hair and make up routine have reached an all time low. Ponytails and concealer, that's about it. I feel pretty good if I shower by noon, and I feel pretty darn proud of myself if I slap on a little bit of mascara once a week. Corey is so lucky! So today, I woke up feeling like I had a little more pep in my step and I actually showered early, put on a maxi dress, dabbed a bit of make up on, and threw on some Stella & Dot jewels! When I came downstairs...the boys looked at me with pure astonishment. Jack even said, "Mom, are you getting married today? I said, "no, why do you ask?" He said, "well you are wearing a dress, you never wear dresses." I smiled and laughed and kissed him on the forehead. Even my three-year-old has noticed how my appearance has suffered lately. OUCH.

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