Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's never too late for pumpkins and candy!

 So, in a frantic attempt to update the blog I left out Halloween.  Who does that?  This past year the boys were dressed up as their favorite superhero, Spiderman of course. Due to Caroline's intense love for Beyonce's music, I wanted to dress her up in the "single ladies" costume from Beyonce's video.  Unfortunately, it was pretty cold this past Halloween, so there was a last minute costume change to a monkey.  It was Kate's first Halloween and she wore an adorable Mud Pie outfit and slept through most of the festivities!

 Carving Pumpkins...some were fond of the activity, others not so much.

Our first attempt to produce something a little more difficult than the average jack o' lantern.

Jack and Thomas

Kate and Jack

Best friends!

The whole gang...just eight for now!

Grandpa and Caroline

Nana and Caroline

Trunk Or Treat

Love this one of Jack...

Every one's favorite superhero x2!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nancy our Elf on the Shelf

The Christmas season was glorious this year!  We enjoyed preparing for Christmas by making cookies, making ornaments, decorating the house, placing a few tacky blow ups in front of our house etc.  We also introduced  Nancy, our  Elf on the Shelf to the kids this year. Above is a picture of the kids finding her for the first time. She was motivation for good behavior when we needed her to be, she was a distraction when we needed her to be, and she was just plain fun for the kids to find as she hid throughout the house. 
My sister-in-law commented on how tan our elf looked and I didn't think anything of it until I saw online that there are elves with light and dark skin tones. Apparently I bought the elf with the dark skin tone. Hey, we don't discriminate in this house!

Jack started preschool last Fall

We knew Jack was more than ready for preschool this past Fall.  He was so excited on his first day of school.  His first day was bittersweet for us, but mostly sweet!
First Day! So handsome!

  Thomas was so excited about Jack's first day of school.  He was a little disappointed that he didn't get to spend the day with his big brother.  At least he got to take a sack lunch to "Bubby School" (Grandma Lisa's house).

What I have failed to mention about Jack starting school is this...
Last summer I received a phone call from Jack's sweet teacher letting me know when "Meet the Teacher" day was going to take place and when parents were supposed to go to "Back to School Night" to get the scoop.  When I took the phone call I was two weeks away from having a baby, it was dinner time, Corey was not home yet, two kids were yelling and someone needed me to wipe their poopy bottom.  So of course I played it off like all was well and things were under control while I'm sure the teacher noticed the chaos over the phone.  I might have mixed up the dates she gave me and I might have royally messed up Jack's first introduction to school.  What I am trying to say is, Jack missed the "Meet the Teacher" day at his new school and Corey went to the wrong "Back to School Night."  Bam.  I failed.  Clearly I will not be nominated for "Mother of the Year" anytime soon.

Thomas is 3!

The big Birthday boy woke up and said, "Let's get this Birthday started!"
 It must be genetic!  He has inherited my 'party favor' genes!
Tom woke up to  "Happy 3rd  Birthday Thomas" on the driveway!

Despite the Birthday party cancellation due to sickness,
 the Birthday boy still enjoyed his ice cream cake!

Baby Kate

 Okay, I know I have neglected to blog since the end of August and it's time to get caught up.  Since my last post the most important update is the arrival of our fourth child, Katherine Anne!  She is everything a parent could ask for, healthy, beautiful, a really happy baby and a good sleeper! 
Kate's Baptism
Aunt Kristie and Uncle Kevan are Kate's proud Godparents!
Hilarious first family picture...all six of us.
The picture pretty much speaks for itself.  We obviously have things 100% under control!