Sunday, April 21, 2013

On the Move, Purses, A Potty Mouth, and Such a Great Helper

Kate is almost eight months old now and it seems like yesterday we were taking her home from the hospital. She truly is the sweetest, happiest baby. She hardly makes a fuss about anything and she just smiles at the drop of a hat! She just recently started loving baby food and table food! She has shown signs of wanting to sit up on her own and she has made some efforts to get up on all fours. I have been perfectly content with her lack of interest in crawling because it's just too nice to hold her, but I know it's time and I guess I don't have to like it, but I can accept it.

Our sweet Caroline is now two and has dived right into being a girly girl. For quite some time I wasn't sure if she would ever put down the cars to pick up a Barbie, and now, I can't get her to put her purses down long enough to eat breakfast in the morning. Literally her first words after she wakes up in the morning are, "where are my purses"? She carries around a Hello Kitty wristlet and a purse decorated with peace signs and hearts from the moment she wakes up until we tare them off her for bedtime. It's actually pretty funny because she never even looks inside the purses to play with the cell phones, keys, lipsticks, necklaces, bracelets, and random toys she has stolen from the boys. My mom was worried about Caroline carrying around so much weight on her arm so she actually emptied out the contents of her purses one day last week. It took Caroline over 24 hrs. to even realize that they had been emptied!

My good friend Tom, and by that, I mean my adorable son with a potty mouth at the moment, is giving me gray hair these days. He has been testing the waters with words that really aren't 'bad' words, but are words I don't want my three year old saying.   I am open to helpful suggestions/solutions if you have any!!!

Jack has become the best helper!   He offers to clear the table after meals, he helps Caroline with her toys, he shares willingly with Thomas, and he even helps feed Kate when I need an extra set of hands! Corey and I look at Jack daily and just smile whole- heartedly at the sweet, kind, young man he has become.  I find myself thinking...there is hope for the rest of them, right?