Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bathroom renovation, bedroom swapping, and oh, a new baby is on the way...

Well, if I had to sum up the last 6 weeks, I would say we are exhausted and now just anxious!  Over the past several weeks so much has happened.  I turned 30 in mid July which was a day of eating at some of my favorite places, opening 30 beautiful gifts from my parents, and being spoiled by so many loved ones!  Not to mention, Corey surprised me with a wonderful gift which includes a vacation for the two of us at the destination of my choice!!!  Around the same time, my father-in-law started renovating our master bathroom which also turned into a renovation of our master bedroom as well.  Pictures will be posted soon!  The renovation is almost complete.  Thanks to my parents for taking Jack and Caroline for an entire day one Saturday, Corey and I had the chance to potty train Thomas.   Against all odds, potty training was surprisingly pretty successfully! Lastly, just a few days ago we took the plunge and moved the boys into a room together to make room for the new baby.  Oh do they love chatting before bed!  They have hilarious conversations and it's pretty sweet to hear them converse before bed.  If we could just get them to nap during the day, that would be amazing!

The days have been long, busy, and so exhausting.  Corey has been super dad and has really taken it upon himself to do as many things as possible to make my day easier and God love him for that.  I have little gas in the tank as this pregnancy comes to an end and all I can do is focus on delivering this baby on Wednesday. 

The idea of another c-section makes me terribly anxious and I dread the surgery.  I think God knows I have such a weak pain tolerance so he has generously spared me the pains of natural child birth and for that I am grateful.  However, the surgery and slow recovery is no walk in the park either.  I keep reminding myself that the miracle of being blessed with another child makes it all so worth it!

We have no idea what the gender of this baby is and I can't wait to find out!  We have enjoyed discussing with the kids what names we like and whether or not the baby is a boy or a girl.  We have narrowed down a few girl's names but we really don't have a favorite boy name as of yet.  I suppose we should get on that!  More importantly than naming the baby, we just hope and pray for a healthy baby.  God has blessed us with three happy, healthy babies and we continue to ask for his hand in providing us with another healthy little one.  Wednesday can't come soon enough!

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