Friday, June 15, 2012

Desatin, No Problem!

Last week I stumbled onto a pile of creamy, white Desatin smeared all over the dinning room floor.  Hmmmmm.  I instantly knew who the culprit was due to the fact that both Thomas and Caroline were napping.  I quickly wiped up the mess and then I waited to see what Jack would do when he came back to the dining room and saw that the white goop was gone.  I know Jack all too well, and I knew that he was going to try to clean the mess up by himself before telling me about it.

Seconds later I peek upstairs to find the hall closet light on and I see Jack  looking for something.  I let him find what he is looking for and I waited in the kitchen for his next move.  Ah ha!  A new roll of paper towels came bounding down the stairs and Jack quickly came down after it.  He rounded the corner with his paper towels in hand and then stopped abruptly as he noticed the mess was gone.  I was spying on him from the hallway and trying so hard not to laugh out loud.  He had this quizzical expression on his face and before I knew it he was running toward me to tell me he 'accidently' made a mess and that he couldn't find the mess anymore.

I confessed that I cleaned it up first and that I was watching him to see how he was going to resolve the issue.  He then admitted that he had a rash on his bottom, applied the Desatin himself (which he has never done before for good reason), and then spilled a ton on Desatin on the floor and wanted to clean it up before I could get mad about it.  His words, not mine.  We both had a good laugh and then I had him go to the bathroom to wash his hands. Yuck.

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