Sunday, February 12, 2012

Legos, Stickers, & Standing on Counter Tops

Thank goodness for family who are willing to babysit for the Boddicker crew. We all know it's a busy and exhausting job (a job without pay). We can't say thank you enough for the precious time we spend out of the house!

Last Friday I had an appointment to check up on baby # 4 and Grandpa Darby was so kind to babysit for me. I think I was gone for 90 minutes max. When I left, Thomas and Caroline were both napping and Jack was enthralled in playing in the basement. Piece of cake for Grandpa, right? WRONG.

In the short time that I was gone two potential disasters were brewing. Jack was playing with a toy that needed batteries so he left the basement where Grandpa and Caroline were and decided to get some new batteries. Problem, we keep the batteries in an overhead cabinet above the desk in the kitchen. Naturally in Jack's three year old mind, it made sense to climb on top of the desk and open up the cabinet to grab batteries that were three shelves up. Meanwhile, Grandpa came upstairs to see what Jack was up to and boy did he catch Jack red-handed. Jack instantly saw Grandpa and exclaimed, "Don't tell Mom." BUSTED. Crisis averted, no one got hurt, thank goodness.

In the midst of the battery crisis, Caroline found a small Lego amongst the sea of other potential choking hazards on the basement floor and decided to pop it in to her mouth. She didn't swallow it, she just chipmunked it for quite some time. The Lego was discovered when I got home from the doctor and we all felt a sense of relief that we didn't have to visit the E.R. that afternoon.

Much later after Grandpa left and we thoroughly checked each child to make sure they were safe from any sharp objects we noticed that someone had generously applied several stickers to the doorway entering the dinning room. Hmmmmmmm, I don't remember this happening under my watch. When we questioned Jack about the stickers, he said, " I just wanted to decorate." Lovely, at least it wasn't anything permanent. Jack proceeded to tell us that he had time to put the stickers up while Grandpa Darby was here. We laughed! What exactly was Grandpa doing for the 90 minutes while I was away? Napping? Eating pretzels? Watching ESPN? One will never know.

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  1. I see you have inherited my gift of exaggeration. Let's see, are you saying that you drove from your house to the doctor's, had your exam, drove back home all in 10 minutes. It had to be at least 15 minutes.
    Also, you had no pretzels; however, I did find some peanut brittle mmmmmmmm.
    Now for the record, nothing happened to Thomas. Therefore, I'm batting 333. As grandpa Mike (Boddicker) will attest: not a bad batting average!!!!

    ----Grandpa Darby