Friday, December 16, 2011

"Oh Crap" said the toddler

Some families like fake Christmas trees, some families like real Christmas trees. We happen to love the smell of a real tree in our home. I'll never forget the story about the first time Jack picked out a Christmas tree.

Thomas was just a few months old so he and I stayed at home while Corey and Jack went to pick out a tree. Corey and I wanted Jack to have the experience of picking out a tree and taking it home to decorate. Corey bundled up Jack in a puffer coat that made him look like a blue marshmallow. Jack hated wearing gloves, but he wore them because we told him he couldn't go unless he wore them (typical). Jack happily rode in the car full of anticipation and excitement! They pulled up to the hardware store in Cornith Square which is where the story really begins.

Corey and Jack walked through rows of hanging trees, looking for just the right tree. Jack found a tall, awkward tree that he liked, so Corey asked the hardware store employee to cut down the tree from the ropes above. Jack watched the tree fall to the ground and without a moment's hesitation he yelled, "OH CRAP!"

Well, Merry Christmas Mr. hardware store employee! I am sure you had a good laugh at my toddler who swore while picking out a Christmas tree. Corey of course, gasped, laughed, and was secretly so proud of his son on that cold December night!

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  1. Congrats on taking the plunge! Keep writing!!